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Computing, Inc.

Business productivity

Every business is dependent on a system that tracks income and expenses and is used to plan your business's future. These systems can be as simple as pen and paper or complex applications based on relational databases. We can help you optimize your present system, provide support for that system, or design a new system based on your needs.

Security of your data

Your data is at risk by both inside and outside threats. We can help you design a system that protects your data. In addition, we will help you design and implement a system that will allow you to recover your data in the case of a disaster.


Communication with customers, vendors and employees is vital to your business. We can help you design the type of system you need. Whether you want simple email or a technology that supports team collaboration, we can help you.

Remote access

Access to business data is important to you whether you are in the office or at a client's site. We can implement the right method of remote access whether it is to read your email from home or to support your employees in the field.

Internet presence

Acquiring an Internet presence includes, among other things, setting up Internet access, registering a domain name, and creating a web site. We can help you with each of these tasks and track important milestones to insure your continued presence.