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When you think of security, you probably think of a firewall or some other high-cost technological solution. Did you know that the majority of data loss results from inside your organization and not from outside? By designing and implementing a system of access control and auditing you can significantly reduce your risk of data loss.

Malware including viruses, trojans, keyloggers, etc., pose significant risks to your business Expertiva Computing can design, implement and maintain a system to reduce these risks and protect your data.

Key Benefits


Access control / auditing
Access control is used to limit access to your business critical data to those who need access and no one else. When you audit access to this data, you are able to identify potential problems before you experience any loss of data.
Viruses, trojans, junk email
New viruses and trojans appear daily that put your data at risk. It is vital that you have a proactive plan to prevent these pests from interfering with your day to day business.
Junk email fills up your inbox and takes a considerable amount of time to delete. In addition, it may contain pornographic or other objectionable material that can cause you legal problems. Expertiva can help you plan and implement an effective management plan.
Disaster recovery
Approximately 70 percent of small businesses that suffer a loss of business information are out of business within two years of the event. Expertiva Computing will help you protect your data and insure that you are back in business within days of a disaster.