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Remote Access

How many times have you forgotten a file at work that you need? Do you have employees in the field that need access to company data? Does your sales force need to check inventory while visiting customers? All of these situations can be addressed with the right form of remote access. Expertiva Computing can help you design the correct solution for you whether it be a virtual private network or web based access.

Key Benefits


Do you have workers that work outside of your physical location? Employing teleworkers reduces your overhead while increasing productivity. This type of situation requires the right solution both at your business's location as well as the teleworkers' locations to protect your business and your data. Expertiva Computing can help you determine your need as well as design the right solution.
Virtual Private Network
A VPN enables you to access your data remotely the same as though you were at your office. With the use of the correct software and hardware solutions, you can increase productivity of all your workers. Expertiva Computing has the knowledge to help you design and implement the solution that is right for you.
Broadband or dial up
Whether your business needs broadband access or uses dial up access, Expertiva Computing can advise you on the selection of the correct plan and equipment as well as monitoring and maintaining your system.